Our sales professionals at Audi State College are delighted to help you choose the perfect vehicle to match your preferences and needs. Our dealership has a lineup up of the some of the most feature-packed sedans in the industry. The Audi sedans strike us as some of the most beneficial models for you to invest in.

Luxurious Inside and Out

Audi Sedan models such as the A3 are perfect for driving around in State College and beyond. They seat up to five people and are full of amazing features that you will love. Interior features that may be in your model include features such as heated mirrors, keyless start, power steering, and steering wheel controls.

Powerful Motor Options

Audi sedans are top-rated for having powerful motor options. You'll never be disappointed with performance if you invest one of these options. If you choose the A3 sedan, you'll get to choose between options that have between 184 and 394 horsepower. Those numbers are high enough to compete with some of the leading sports cars in the industry. That's another reason to choose an Audi sedan for your next purchase. You'll get sportiness and luxury wrapped up into one astounding vehicle for Huntingdon, PA and Lewistown, PA drivers.

Generous Safety Lineup

The Audi sedan models will also make you feel safe at all times because of their massive suite of safety features. These models have features such as Traction Control, Electronic Stability Control, and Brake Assist. Brake Assist adds the necessary pressure to your brakes if, for some reason, you come close to a getting into a collision. Electronic Stability Control is the feature that keeps your car stable whenever you drive. Traction Control protects you from sliding when it rains and gets wet outside. Those features are only a few of the features you'll find in an Audi sedan.

Choose Your Next Audi Here

We have a vast inventory of Audi sedans at our State College area location. If you're in Bellefonte or Tyrone, PA, contact us so that you can talk to one of our sales reps. The rep will speak to you about all the available vehicles and options so that you can choose the perfect car for yourself.

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