Audi A4 stacks up to the competition

The Audi A4 is a sedan that puts you in the lap of luxury. The way it drives and the features it provides makes the A4 a driving pleasure. At Audi State College, we are confident that the A4 can stand up to any competitor for price, performance and luxury. We are so confident that we have provided a way to compare the Audi A4 against other vehicles in its class.

Our comparison page lets you check out the A4 against the BMW 330i and the Lexus 350. When you look at the three vehicles side-by-side, you will see just how the A4 beats its competition. You can see how the A4 is more affordable, has more standard features like leather seating, a power slide and tile sunroof and cruise control, which are not standard on the BMW or Lexus.

Stop by Audi State College and let our experienced staff show you the exciting and fun-to-drive A4. They can arrange a test drive and get you on the road to a luxury driving experience.

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